Nagel Group: Jamming

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Jammed systems

A jammed packing of ellipsoids showing the amplitude of each particle's angular motion in a low-frequency normal mode.

3D reconstruction of dense packing of  ~10 million pNIPAM colloids, above the jamming point.  This data was collected using fluorescent confocal microscopy.  Using this system we observe a remnant of the T=0 jamming transient at finite temperature.

One emphasis of our work is to understand the properties of disordered materials. Such materials have many common features that are different from their crystalline counterparts.  By varying some external parameter, these materials can become structurally arrested - that is they jam.  We are interested in understanding what controls the onset of rigidity in a wide variety of situations.  Do all jammed systems have a common set of inherent properties?  If so, can we learn about the nature of glasses (where the ability to flow has been lost when the temperature is dropped to too low a value) by studying the jamming that occurs in a granular material such as a sand pile as it suddenly stops flowing? 

In an effort to deal with diverse phenomena where systems become stuck in a region far from equilibrium (e.g., at the glass transition and in clogged granular materials flowing - unsuccessfully - through a pipe), we have been investigating, in collaboration with Professor Andrea Liu at The University of Pennsylvania, whether there can be a more general way of looking at these systems in terms of a Jamming Phase Diagram.  Such a concept would relate the physics of granular materials with those of glasses.


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